El Arsenal impresionó con una victoria crucial en Newcastle para mantener vivo su sueño de la Premier League. Sígueme en Twitter: Sígueme en Instagram: Sígueme en TikTok:

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  1. Rory did watch the game we had more shot more shots on target and possession so your say newcastle played bad

  2. Biased against newcastle rory

  3. Adegbe Ogbeh dijo:

    Very random but what make is your polo shirt?

  4. I feel like Miranda Hart on the Miranda show when talking to he mum
    " it's NOT wat u call the what I call …,It is.."
    It is the Invincibles Yr wether y want t accept it or not cos all in world football call it that.lf Chelsea had done the Invincibles u would not minimise it. Arsenal r the only English club td8 who have achieved this gr8 feat an even Richy with all their billions of currupt oilrich Pretenders bloodmoney, arguably the Worlds greatest Manager, seasoned Worldclass veteran players an the Erlingmator t boot have got within a hairs breath of this unique silver lining in Arsenals history.

  5. Rory , we've amassed 80+pts f more than just the Invincibles season; check u facts 1st bf coming live on public websites an spouting ill-informed nonsense

  6. Just want us t be feared ,this'll take time an a couple of real good class Window signings;u no, feared like Pool, preema Chelsea an Utd.
    Richy r not feared in Europe only in lge cos non of the World giants r trembling in their gold studded boots about facing Richy so don confuse the 2.

  7. Well…if you gamed this run in (or actually played it, in parallel universes) 10 times, Man C would win 8 of them. But Arsenal would win 2. And for City, just one defeat causes squeaky bum time, whereas I think Arsenal have had their shit-the-bed mishap. Keeps it interesting doesn’t it?

  8. Rory , the 2nd biggest secret Arsenal fan along with Tez ( Utd) ,the webba on other site.
    All they do is talk Arsenal despite claiming to h8 them
    Howz Chelsea doing Rory? Amazing that they got a win on Saturday altho Frankie-boy celebrating like they'd won the Champas Lge

  9. So tell me how this dominating Arsenal side that's com on leaps an bouts can outplay outrageously good Castle but lose out (draw ) t hapless Ham an Ch'ship bound Southampton?

  10. Will McBride dijo:

    What do you mean “improperly” called re; the Invincibles? Did they lose a league match in the 2003/04 season, yes or no?

  11. just reality dijo:

    Man City need to drop 5 points in only 4 games assuming that Arsenal win all of their games.
    Again, this is bs content

  12. HUBRIS dijo:

    If Chelsea somehow help Arsenal win the league, then Rory's reaction would be truly epic

  13. Do you ever tire of talking contradictory bollocks all the time?

  14. end of the season..arsenal 90 point…city 94 point.

  15. They’re not Rory, but what a game that was

  16. Castro 101 dijo:

    Rory your spot on K15 was solid at the back with Gabriel. Just remember if you go back to the Newcastle game last season check who was centreback . Sadly to say Holding isn’t good enough . We should sell him to to Chelsea 😉🤣

  17. rodcosmic dijo:

    Hey Rory, I'm a big fan of your content and appreciate the insights you bring to the table. I did want to bring up something that's been on my mind though, and that's the titles of your videos. While I enjoy your analysis and opinions, the titles have reached new levels of sensationalism and clickbaitiness. As someone who has been following your work for a long time since the early TG appearances, I know that you have a deep understanding of the game and a reliable process of reflection and assessment. However, I worry that new viewers might get the impression that (based on the titles), your opinions are overly reactive or not backed up by thoughtful analysis. I just wanted to share my perspective on this, as I find myself less interested in watching a video when the title feels like it's trying too hard to grab my attention – in the case of this video, which I didn't watch because of that. But of course, I respect that this is just my opinion and I still appreciate the insights you bring to the table. Keep up the great work!

  18. Imagine if Chelsea some how beat Man City and hand Arsenal the title Rory will lose his mind 😂😂

  19. Arsenal taught Newcastle a footballing lesson? It was as even as a game could be, Arsenal took their chances, your beyond clueless

  20. I don't know if pep is the highest ever paid manager, but if he leaves city for abroad he certainly will be.

  21. Savs money dijo:

    Arsenal fan but congrats on 250K

  22. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Roma have agreed a deal with France midfielder Houssem Aouar which will see the 24-year-old join the Italian club in the summer when his contract at Lyon runs out

  23. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Manchester United want to sign Napoli defender Kim Min-jae this summer

  24. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Barcelona are confident of finalising a deal to sign Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan

  25. Astonishing win from Arsenal. We City fans were banking on either a loss or a draw for them. That would have meant that they could only get a max of 87 or 88 points. City have 82 right now. But the main point from this is that Arsenal now look as if their remaining games seem easy and so they can look forward to 90. City's games are much more difficult. They need 90 points because of goal difference. Real will not derail City. Last season in the most dispiriting of circumstances, City picked themselves up immediately and won the title. However, a toll might be taken of the City players because of fatigue.

  26. Lim AFC dijo:

    Jorginho is a maestro under pressure. Plays through lines effortlessly! I think we've taken a prime jorginho off your hands he's 31 but never relied on pace. His brain is in his peak years in football. Cheers chels

  27. Kevin Morgan dijo:

    This is embarrassing, Rory. How are people meant to take you seriously?

  28. I’m tired of this argument we collapsed against Newcastle last year, go look at that starting XI it was an injury riddled mess

  29. Rory is so fickle… next week its the opposite again

  30. Every week a flip flop 😅

  31. Joe Proctor dijo:

    Why would you want City to win it? Soulless club, success juiced on alleged FFP violations for years and years. For a ‘neutral’, where is the joy in that?

  32. Jeri Zee dijo:

    It annoys me as a Chelsea fan that most of what Rory says is annoying. When Tuchel was appointed, he was against it. Later he made a video to apologize to Tuchel. Now, Poch is linked with us; he is against it without providing any rational argument. Most of the arguments he makes are so bang average and not backed by data and logic.

  33. DJ TIVY dijo:

    You Chat so much waffle you have said the race is over

  34. Robert Davis dijo:

    Remember at the beginning of this season when Rory said that Arteta should be fired for his lack of leadership and for selling Aubameyang 😂😂😂😂

  35. xkumanekox dijo:


  36. John Yates dijo:

    Arsenal dominated the game? Newcastle had more xg, more possession and better territorial advantage. In what way did arsenal dominate apart from taking their chances when we didn’t?

  37. cosmo cc dijo:

    i believe it might happen

  38. Mankysausage dijo:

    Rory do a fucking google search before claiming stats like that

  39. Salleh Amri dijo:

    When rory said arsenal should be proud for reaching 80 point mark, he silently want arsenal to stop pushing for the title. Sneaky little rory 😂😂 we knew you’re hoping man city to win the title but nope this Arsenal side gonna push until the last game. This little rory knew city gonna drop point and crumble after real madrid game so he want Arsenal to forgot about the title and just be proud for achieving the new milestone. 🤣🤣🤣

  40. BilluG dijo:

    Man just spits out rubbish for views. The worst channel.

  41. JMTZ dijo:

    But nothing changed

  42. Mate the title race is still over … man city have to lose 1 and draw 1 of their last 4 games .. I can see a slip at brighton but can't see one elsewhere .. I stand by what I said .. we lost the title at anfield .. the reaction at the end from the players said it all …

  43. What title race 😂
    City has a game in hand and 4 points lead over arsenal, if city lose a match they would still be 1 point ahead of Arsenal. The title race is over!

  44. James Loveys dijo:

    I have always said from the defeat to city, we need to win all of our games and then city have to get a set amount of points. We are so far doing that. City have to be full strength the next two midweeks. That leaves their game next Sunday as a bit of a outlier. Everton will need to win and I think they will make city drop points. I could see a final day of the season, arsenal and Man City tied on points after city drop points away to Brighton.

  45. leavemealone dijo:

    Every single person is thinking "oh shut it Rory ffs"

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