¿Cuántos equipos de la Premier League puedes nombrar en 30 segundos? | Mac Allister contra Welbeck | MENTIRAS

SUSCRÍBETE ► PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS ► ¡El dúo de Brighton, Alexis Mac Allister y Danny Welbeck, son los últimos en asumir el desafío Lies! ¿Quién crees que saldrá ganando? Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY DEPORTES F1: ►SKY DEPORTES: ►SKY DEPORTES GOLF:

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48 respuestas a ¿Cuántos equipos de la Premier League puedes nombrar en 30 segundos? | Mac Allister contra Welbeck | MENTIRAS

  1. JJ dijo:

    How did Danny get 2 for Water and Waves 😂😂😂

  2. K d dijo:

    Both of these guys seem like top guys!

  3. 07gooner dijo:

    Alexis is comedy gold 😂

  4. Liam dijo:

    Impossible to dislike this kid haha

  5. SonRob dijo:

    Alexis thought of Brentford and Villas but not Newcastle or spurs 😂

  6. Brinkksmusic dijo:

    To how Tottenham Hotspur irrelevant the man couldn't remember they were a part of the Premier League 🤣😂🤣

  7. Ahh yes Brighton pier famous for it's fruit

  8. sam bog dijo:

    how can he just list foods, sea and waves for brighton pier lolss

  9. Book Club dijo:

    Bit cheeky to accept both water and waves as answers lol.

  10. How did he get the point for Waves & Water 😳

  11. senseii dijo:

    These 30 second rings make you clock how difficult it is to think on the spot I love it haha

  12. Craig Tyler dijo:

    Mac Allister was ready to die over the timer being 0.72 seconds over hahahaha

  13. Crypt0 dijo:

    2:57 Poor guy must have thought the question meant how many teams are in the Premier League then realised his mistake 😂

  14. He got robbed in that 2nd phase. Waves x Water. In other videos similar things were rejected 😅

  15. Welbeck did it so well!🤣🤣🤣

  16. Alexis is funny too 😂😂

  17. SOCCERDESK dijo:

    How come in things found in bed room you did not mention bed welbeck come on

  18. The young talent in Argentina is insane
    They will still be one of the favourites of 2026 wc even if Messi retires

  19. The way Alex confidently shouted "20" 😂😂 Hilarious!

  20. Namuunaa dijo:

    Woow Mac Allister is so confident guy

  21. Skidz 96 dijo:

    Alexis to Liverpool. Here we go!!!

  22. how doesn't wellbeck say Bed for things found in a bedroom 🤣

  23. RD Holyfield dijo:

    Welbz my guy I need you to score a brace against City for all Gooners sake.

  24. Louis dijo:

    Hope ale joins Liverpool

  25. His laugh 😂😂💀

  26. Joe Butler dijo:

    Seems like the you've accidentally layered the 3 mics over each other for some of video

  27. I’ve been waiting for this!

  28. heheheheheh dijo:

    alex come to liverpool pleaseeeee😁😁😁

  29. DEAD man dijo:

    danny what a lovely lad

  30. arai dijo:

    LOVE This man 🤗

  31. e' L dijo:

    McAllister is a Messi-esque type of Midfielder..Sees things other can't see, gives one-touch passes, silky dribbling and high game IQ..Just mention it Alexis and Pep will be there 😆

  32. Try different categories not the same ones

  33. Welcome to Liverpool McAllister 🚀🚀Here we Go!

  34. AS Rookie dijo:

    LFC awaits Alexis lad, Thiago will even help you with GK

  35. Welback is still very dangerous striker as for Allister he is only starting

  36. Colin Colin dijo:

    Alexis seems like a top guy 😂

  37. XXIVVIXCIII dijo:

    BIg Mac. Hopefully soon to join Klopp's rebuild. More trophies pending for you at Anfield mate🏆

  38. Liza dijo:

    The message of this video is very powerful💕

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