Batalla por el descenso de la Premier League: ¿quién caerá?

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48 respuestas a Batalla por el descenso de la Premier League: ¿quién caerá?

  1. Southampton are going down, they're too far back and their fixtures to the end are brutal — they could lose all three games easily.

  2. Jonathan r dijo:

    Looks like table will stay the same Everton and ans forest will sneak in

  3. I think the 3 there now are going

  4. Everton will need 3 more points to be safe. Their next game with man City would normally be a loss but will city put out a 2nd team given their 2nd leg against real Madrid is the following Wednesday. Wolves are safe and so are Bournemouth so possible points from all three

  5. riveness dijo:

    Everton to get overconfident and concede a billion goals in thd last few games.

  6. Kane Wright dijo:

    How could you not see that Everton were going to beat Brighton?!?! De Zerbi one of the worst coaches with a huge ego. It should be an easy win for most teams!

  7. Cillian dijo:

    Leicster, Everton & Southampton please

  8. Been a long while since all 3 newly promoted clubs have escaped reli the following season; hopefully they can all stay up. Gr8 news f them. Forest an Bournemouth in particular have played some wonderful football. Hoping it's Leicester and Everton who bite the bullet an go south with already gone 'hampton cos they've been living on borrowed time f last 2/3seasons an r taking up valuable space f clubs that r more deserving of their Prem Lge survival.

  9. KilianP dijo:

    I think Leeds and Leicester will go down with Southampton based on their recent defensive performances. The City game was an anomaly for Leeds I think.

  10. Southampton r done, thinking it'll b Leeds an Leicester, sorry but they've all been pants but Leicester r the whole reli package put together. Game gainst Pool will make or break the Prem stay/reli deal.

  11. king dijo:

    Forest Southampton leicester

  12. Raggattoni dijo:

    Hey sky – does anyone watch your own content?

    Two middle aged men looking at TV bolted to the wall, badly framed, poorly shot.

    This is very poor visually.

    Who thought this wad a good idea?

  13. Ben dijo:

    Hope Leeds keep up the trend. Never lost a game when starting the weekend in the bottom 3

  14. saelaird dijo:

    Forest need one win. Cant see Leicester or Leeds getting two wins. Saints are gone.

  15. MJT dijo:

    So Lucky Chelsea have avoided a relegation battle

  16. Good bye Leicester city so long
    Liverpool H New Castle A and West Ham H all the odds against them

  17. kei dijo:

    wow chelse is top of the table!

  18. 35 points should see any side safe i think Leeds will get 35 forest 34 Leicester 33 Everton 33 Southampton 28

  19. keith13fox dijo:


  20. Damn that it some heavy fixtures

  21. Finzer Art dijo:

    I say leeds, leicester and southampton go down, but who knows anything can change

  22. Southampton, Leeds and toss up between Forrest or Leicester. If Leicester lose to Liverpool, they're done. Get the win, can see Forrest going down due to poor GD.

  23. Average Joe dijo:

    Southampton Leicester Forest. Leeds will just stay up

  24. a customer dijo:

    media love the media, hire some bloke to look at a screen and state the bleeding obvious that we already know

  25. Sora Zaleski dijo:

    Regarding Nottingham forest….i hope anybody is not stupid enough to write us off!

  26. I Hope Leicester stay up

  27. View By Ray dijo:

    Southampton are going down, no questions but i do feel Leeds and Nott'm Forrest going too… Forrest 2 away games and i dont see them getting anything from those and against Arsenal who will want to win to keep their title dreams alive… Leeds gonna feel Newcastle fury after their lose to Arsenal and will want to try finish 3rd… West Ham whilst safe would want to win to guarantee survival… i dont see Leeds winning against Spurs even at home… i personal want to see Leeds avoid the drop and tor Everton to go down… btw, Arsenal fan

  28. senyortv dijo:

    I see Leicester going down.
    They don't have d spirit dis season for surprises

  29. I want to see Everton go down,,don't know why just do. If Forest stay up it will be quite the Houdini act.

  30. MrArtdeco dijo:

    Not a fan of Leicester but I wish Everton will be relegated instead of them. They played some very great seasons in the past few years and they are down because of their business was bad during pandemic.

    Everton on the other hand has played badly for YEARS and their debt keep piling up over the span of the last decade.

  31. Doesn’t matter if you lose 7-0 or 2-0 you get no points 😂

  32. Newcastle, Chelsea, Man City 😁

  33. clearly going to be leeds, leicester and southampton

  34. Leicester, Leeds and Southampton going down

  35. Flying solo dijo:

    Forest might not even need another point to stay up to be fair while I can imagine Everton getting something at home to Bournemouth who’ll probably be on the beach mentally as they’re safe. Leicester and Leeds are in big trouble looking at their fixtures.

  36. Dan dijo:

    Forest picks up a draw or two theyre good i reckon

  37. Southampton are gone and Leeds have got the worst run in so I think those 2 definitely. Then I based on form Forest and Everton are going to scrape it! If I'm right – 2 clubs too big for the Championship going down!

  38. Neil Burns dijo:

    Southampton are as good as down already.

    Wolverhampton are safe and West Ham United are almost safe.

    Really it's just a case of who will join Southampton in the EFL Championship next season and from what we can see it's 2 clubs from 4 who will go down.

    Leicester City,
    Leeds United,
    Everton and Nottingham

    Leeds have a tough game against Newcastle United.

    Whilst Forest travel to Stamford Bridge and Leicester have to go to Anfield this weekend.

    But Everton must play Manchester City so their euphoria at putting five past Brighton may be short-lived.

    I actually fancy both Everton and Leicester may go down but I think Forest will be safe because they are showing a lot of grit and determination right now.

  39. Jason Gray dijo:

    So who will go down?

  40. The current bottom 3 will be relegated.

  41. Promise icon dijo:

    I think Southampton, Leeds , and Leicester at this point

  42. HonestRef dijo:

    I think Everton will be ok, they seem to have the best run in for me. I think they'll come 16th

    Then i think its between Forrest and Leeds. Really hard to predict that one. Could go either way.

    I can't see Leicester doing anything. Thats a really tough run in. And Southampton are gone

  43. Peter Ball dijo:

    I love that everyone always seem so certain when of the remaining results. Plenty of shocks to come, but it would be great to see Everton down. Terrible fans, they hate every manager they ever have

  44. The LemPost dijo:

    those eyes, when he keeps turning to face the camera.

  45. saintcasula dijo:

    leicester and everton going down

  46. Ei's dijo:

    Simply put. Bottom 6 clubs has chance to get relegated. Would be interesting and shocking to see Everton and Leicester go down playing in championship though.

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