Neville en los registros de Haaland, "caótico" ¡Chelsea y si el Arsenal puede ganar el título! | Podcast de Gary Neville

SUSCRÍBETE ► PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS ► Gary Neville se une a Martin Tyler en el pórtico para hablar sobre el gol récord de Erling Haaland contra West Ham, las ambiciones de la Liga de Campeones de Man City, la batalla por el título del Arsenal, las actuaciones recientes del Chelsea y Sam Allardyce como nuevo entrenador de Leeds. 00:00 – Reacción a la temporada récord de Erling Haaland 6:29 – ¿Aún puede el Arsenal ganar el título? 9:07 – La actuación «patética» del Chelsea contra el Arsenal 17:19 – Allardyce en Leeds y cambios de dirección 19:50 – Batalla de descenso Vea la Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FÚTBOL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXEO: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY SPORTS F1: ►SKY SPORTS: ►SKY SPORTS GOLF:

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39 respuestas a Neville en los registros de Haaland, "caótico" ¡Chelsea y si el Arsenal puede ganar el título! | Podcast de Gary Neville

  1. jabir saif dijo:

    Last season cl tie between city-madrid, City dominated both legs but somehow with allot of luck Madrid got some freak goals. Aslong as city play the same in my opionon city win!!

  2. Mr facts dijo:

    Says Ronaldo 😀😀😀😀messi has destroyed all his mates so bad 😂😂😂

  3. OKDESIGNS dijo:

    Tap ins and pens 😊

  4. As if Pep would ever let his players think they can take it easy whatever Arsenal do in their remaining games.

  5. Et_Tu_Sahu dijo:

    The problem with Chelsea is not players but managers. Frank Lampard is a nothing manager, the players don't really respect him. Boehly has changed far too much far too soon but manager thing he has consistently got wrong.

  6. Ian Bentley dijo:

    Alright Gary so how well did uniteds CB'S Do then when city only had one shot on goal the last time they played us and we beat them

  7. hity70 ` dijo:

    Frank Lampard will be disgusted? Im pretty sure the players will be disgusted by Frank Lampard

  8. PWR2DAPPL dijo:

    Gary "shambolic" Neville

  9. Paul Barrow dijo:

    City are the best team iv seen in premier league no one comes close thats why arsenal were delusional to think they were going to win the leauge haha no chance

  10. Garry Baldy dijo:

    The Chelsea situation isn't rocket science. The players know they won't get relegated, know they can't qualify for Europe, so they've just downed tools and can't wait for their holidays. Mercenaries.

  11. Gary..the man who speaks his mind can you tell us what you feel about Ratcliffe linking up with the Glazers?

  12. Abdul Qadir dijo:

    People who earn £10 to £12 and hour go to matches watch players who earn £150k to 300k a week and people find excuses for players lol and they act like they have been shot in legs sad society this football

  13. John Barrert dijo:

    Notice Gary say's Ralf rangnick… they downed tools for his mate ole which is why Ralf was appointed.

  14. SyntexError dijo:

    They were comparing Halaand with Mbappe before … Don't think they will again .. Halaand is just a perfect striker and a beast.

  15. Son dijo:

    Arsenal are this seasons West Ham. Overperformed in the first half of the season only to fall back to their status quo.

  16. I wanna have what Gary is having.

  17. TC98 dijo:

    Lampard must go down as one of the worst PL managers ever. I know there's some with a worse game-loss ratio but those didnt last more than 5/6 games.

  18. Karl Greene dijo:

    9:30 “best group of players on a team sheet played the worst ever” no it’s man United’s lineup against Liverpool in anfield 7-0

  19. Bjorn Haakon dijo:

    Where is Mount this season Neville? 3 different managers and fine to blame them, but it is obvious to me that players get too much salary for barely go out there and dont show up this season; effort level is at maybe 40% is a disgrace! And horrendous player performances since 4-0 loss vs Arsenal in pre season in US!

  20. Steezy dijo:

    He’ll be a beast in the Championship next season for sure

  21. If he would play for the english national team 😢

  22. Ludo dijo:

    Hopefully they give Haaland the ballon d’or and not Messi

  23. Chelsea might get something from the bournemouth game but i honestly cant see them winning another game after that..

  24. Arsenal won a match against chelsea first win in 5. Thats why city will win the prem. Arsenal threw it away

  25. R R dijo:

    The man predicted a 15-20 point swing when Arsenal were 8+ points clear. Looks like he might be right.

  26. Aguero was at backhand of career towards last couple years of pep tenure – a fit fresh aguero at 22 could score 50 in a pep machine team

  27. Too early for another Gary Neville podcast. We should have got this at the end of next weekend

  28. Cain Raby dijo:

    Sam allardyce is a criminally underrated manager

  29. Brazito dijo:

    Gary “I’ve been calling for an independent regulator” Neville

  30. Rob Oc dijo:

    It would mean more if he wasn't part of a club and team with 115+ charges against them. The fact they've cheated to create this squad taints it for me

  31. Tayo Sunmola dijo:

    Pep would confidently destroy his leeds for that mouth.

  32. MJ dijo:

    Not one bad word about Lampard

  33. Emil M dijo:

    It's so strange to always hear people talk about x or y fitting or not fitting into Peps system. His system is getting the most out of his players, adapting and changing things around to do just that.

  34. Phodge99 dijo:

    Why don't the pundits get onto frank…

  35. Tee Mil dijo:

    14:12 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Gary neville was right about city months ago and that arsenal will flop

  37. Big Sam to rescue Arsenal

  38. Jake Rose dijo:

    It’s interesting and unfair financially and having a scoring cheat code.

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