Brighton vs Tottenham • Premier League • Previa del partido [GOOD MORNING TOTTENHAM]

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14 respuestas a Brighton vs Tottenham • Premier League • Previa del partido [GOOD MORNING TOTTENHAM]

  1. mark new dijo:

    Ringside for Alex! Always box office! COYS

  2. mark new dijo:

    I agree 100%, Amir – Bissouma will boss the midfield against his old club! Conte gotta play him. And I appreciate it will be a tight game tomorrow! Would be a tough game for Spence, but even the final 10 mins off the bench will add speed to our WBs against a tired defence – Happy New Year, mate! COYS!!

  3. mark new dijo:

    Big up, Brian! Absolute Tottenham legend! Always love the late late show – we need this to pump-up the fans & the team before the big game tomorrow! COYS!!

  4. mark new dijo:

    Ventrone RIP – absolute Legend !! COYS!!

  5. 3rd vs 4th! Time for Spurs to put Brighton in their place…

  6. Riemann Son dijo:

    COYS [from Chicago]! Do you guys plan on attending all [Spurs] home games this season? Planning a trip toward the latter end of the season and was wondering if y’all host fan meetups. Fan of the the content, thanks!

  7. B B dijo:

    Alex lad you’re so delusional typical spursy

  8. Trevor Angel dijo:

    We created chances with 11 on pitch against the Woolwich, we created chances v Frankfurt – so you’re being a tad negative – and AC is getting fed up with some of these rubbish overviews like this!

  9. ali hamidyar dijo:

    Conte is manager that can developed our weakness stronger. I am 100% conte. But sometimes he has to take the risk, to have to 3-4-3 or 3-5-2, not 3-4-2-1. He just wanna to reduce conceding goals on his reputation as manager. Which everyone should give him time and patience, as way arsenal did to arteta.

  10. We are gunna lose if we play the same shit formation and tactics

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