Destacados extendidos de la gran victoria de los Reds contra Southampton en The City Ground. Goles: Taiwo Awoniyi (18′, 21′), Carlos Alcaraz (25′), Morgan Gibbs-White (44′), Lyanco (51′), Danilo (73′), James Ward-Prowse (90+6′) 👉 Suscríbete al canal oficial de YouTube de Nottingham Forest: @NottinghamForestFC Sigue a Nottingham Forest en Instagram: Sigue a Nottingham Forest en Facebook: Sigue a Nottingham Forest en TikTok: Sigue a Nottingham Forest en Twitter: Regístrate en Forest TV: Visita el sitio web oficial: #nffc # liga premier #southampton

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  1. Tim B dijo:

    Lets get MGW captain.. lets get rid of worrall completely and about 7 others and were onto something

  2. Tom Fin dijo:

    Colin Fray you are a master of your trade pal ❤

  3. Guovssohas dijo:

    Excellent game, a nailbiter. Now we have a decent chance to stay in PL? What do you guys and gals reckon?

  4. The name of the commentator plz

  5. Jonah Clarke dijo:

    Their penalty is such a dive

  6. Definitely need to stop with the stupid shiz. Never a penalty but what was Surridge thinking? MGW also sloppy at times

  7. Definitely drop Danilo for Shelvey against Chelsea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. korn bates dijo:

    from Thailand❤❤❤🤟🤟🤟

  9. Albert Bell dijo:

    Penalty 🤣😭🤣🤣🤣

  10. Adam White dijo:

    That commentary from BBC Radio Nottingham 👌🏻

  11. What a result thats the fight we need to survive . Mgw and danilo on fire again . That pass from danilo was fantastic. But the best moment was felipe celebration .
    Bad points. Like every game we lead they practically fall apart in the 2nd half .cooper need to adjust his tactics desperately he cant expect all opposition to move slowly . kouyate was shite again like Bambi on ice how he got a spot is a joke . Yate looks a shadow of his formerself (pre injury ) surridge looks like Coopers beaten all morale and fight outta him .

  12. ThaProf dijo:

    That front flip from Felipe 🎉😊. He needs to score so we can see that again.

  13. Леонид dijo:

    Зарубились от души конечно)

  14. K C dijo:

    SMH!! Of course Felipe's goal was scrubbed, if they can give Southampton THAT penalty!!
    COYR 🔴 ⚪ 👌 🏹

  15. Derbyshire Reds, Derbyshire Reds whoah whoah 🎉

  16. Tirto Ananda dijo:

    Just Remember Unbelievable Goal From Taiwo Owoniyi 2x, Danilo & Morgan Gibbs White. After Defeat Nottingham Forest Back To The Winners Against Southampton In The City Ground Stadium. Nottingham Forest Out From Relegation Zone Premier League Season 2022-2023. #NFOSOU. Commentator : Colin Fray.

  17. Avia 47 dijo:

    Navas es muy bueno pero nottingham ocupa mejores defensas

  18. Si Cr dijo:

    Forest have got so much better as a team over this last portion of the season, I just hope they can keep it up over the last three games and stay in the Prem. Danilo is really starting to bloom now and Feliepe has been the find of the season and my personal player of the season. Come on Forest, let's get a win at Chelsea and I reckon that might be enough to get us over the line.

  19. Forest needs to adjust its defense

  20. D3MON MONK3Y dijo:

    COYR 💪⚽️🍻🥃

  21. semi saj dijo:


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