¿Aún podría el Arsenal ganar el título? | ¡Gary Neville sobre los enfrentamientos entre Arsenal y Man City!

SUSCRÍBETE ► PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS ► Gary Neville analiza la vital victoria del Arsenal sobre el Newcastle y compara los partidos restantes de la temporada que enfrentarán tanto el Arsenal como el Man City. Vea el episodio completo de The Gary Neville Podcast aquí: Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXEO: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY SPORTS F1: ►SKY SPORTS: ►SKY SPORTS GOLF:

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34 respuestas a ¿Aún podría el Arsenal ganar el título? | ¡Gary Neville sobre los enfrentamientos entre Arsenal y Man City!

  1. Carl Watson dijo:

    Neville talks so much sense! Great podcast 👌

  2. It was an impressive, professional win by genuine title contenders: Arsenal took their chances, Newcastle didn’t and that’s what the best teams do in the biggest games.

    However, Gary’s maths doesn’t seem to be that great again: Man City DO already have a cushion – they only need 3 wins from their last 4 games to be champions. Arsenal need to get the maximum 9 points from their last 3 games and hope Man City drop 5 points from 12 (owing to the added cushion of City’s +14 superior goal difference).

    It’s either that he is a bit thick when it comes to understanding league tables (a bit of a surprise, due to his glittering playing career) or he’s just being a Sky Sports mouthpiece and deliberately spreading misinformation to try and keep interest up – which is a bit redundant and everyone is obviously going to keep watching anyway. 😄

  3. shamsham1983 dijo:

    Arsenal was not paid to win titles..

  4. Simon James dijo:

    real madrid looked a lot better than city you have to be honest. unless haaland clutches twice idk if they do it in CL

  5. John Vegas dijo:

    What's the point of the "Can Arsenal win the title?!" after every single game. Do some actual analysis and talk about something interesting. BORING

  6. Màssive credit to Neville…he has always maintained his stance on Arsenal chances for the title but has modified his stance based on our recent performances…arsenal supporter!!

  7. Just want Richy t b properly punished f their shameless misdemeanours an I don't mean fines but pts deducted or reli- which is unlikely but the powers that b must take a stand an set a precedent f all in the future who try an scam the system.
    Just know it wont happen. The corrupt Richy case will b buried in red tape for atleast 10yrs an when dealt with a measly pocket change fine will most likely ensue

  8. Khalif Dahir dijo:

    We now forget or maybe daubt wether Arsenal win the League or not,we want to hear Garry to say it that Man Utd will finish above(2)Arsenal as he use to sing some months ago😅😅😅😅😅

  9. Jon Mari dijo:


  10. Sean FR dijo:

    Monopoly City are going to win it..

  11. SPAXIDO dijo:

    Arsenal is going to win the league

  12. MasterCiro dijo:

    Arsenal shall be on 96 points could even be 102

  13. WhatTimeIsIt dijo:

    All of a sudden Neville wants Arsenal to win the league because he doesn't want Man City to win the Treble

  14. Paul Clement dijo:

    Behind Mikel Arteta's success as a coach, there is the role of Mr. Arsene Wenger, which cannot be denied

  15. Xavi dijo:

    Wait, is Gary Neville actually complimenting Arsenal?

  16. Grumpy Grey dijo:

    No. They'd need consistency that isn't there when the pressure is on. Plus, decisions like the Rodri handball for City away at Everton last season (gifting City 3pts instead of a likely 1pt and being confirmed by the PGMOL as a mistake) are still likely to gift City another title* regardless of Arsenal winning every game. Stranger things have happened though, still time for some shock results.

  17. L G A dijo:

    Arsenal would be credible Champions – yes, City have a hold over them. But, Arsenal have gone to the northern citadels of Leeds, Liverpool & Newcastle and have a top away record. London derbies by the cart load too.
    City face few derbies.
    Now, Z cars at Goodison…
    Many many Arsenal people have not given up. 🤞

  18. Axxi dijo:

    Manchester City is win unlikely to win the Premier league ⚽️

  19. Axxi dijo:

    Arsenal has 50% has a chance of winning the Premier league ⚽️

  20. Is still all to play they just need to keep winning

  21. Mr banner dijo:

    My boys fighting till the end coyg 😊

  22. Don't forget we've all got to add those 2 points that VAR stole against Brentford back onto Arsenal's total at the end of the season.

  23. LiftPODS dijo:

    Neville thought the league would be done dusted when we lost 1-0 to man city

  24. As good as we have been the entire season including these past 2 games, those 2 draws against WHU and Southampton have cost us massively, that's where we dropped the league…
    However as a fan and as a player you can never ever stop believing, we have to keep winning, if nothing, ending our season on a 5 win streak would be fantastic for momentum going into summer and into next season. And for the league, you never ever know, City have a sandwich of games against the European Champions, that's going to be huge. Everton, Brighton away, Chelsea at home, some tricky games. It's a shame that we don't control anything anymore but all we can do is keep winning and keep praying!
    Up the Gun!!!!

  25. Why dont you ask your "Senior Reporter" Melissa Reddy after shes finished Cuddling Sadio Mane

    Or something better… maybe tell us the obvious

    "To play football you must first kick the ball" – Melissa Reddy Senior reporter for Sky sports 😂

  26. Maybe Wrexham have already won it going off all the minute by minute updates

  27. You have to remember, Arsenal have played City 3 times and lost. If you can’t beat the champions do you deserve the title?

  28. Personally, I think Man City will make easy work of Real Madrid. I see them winning comfortably!

  29. City will bottle it to Brentford Everton and Brighton

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