"¡Fue un desastre, fue patético!" | Gary Neville en "desagradable" actuación del chelsea

SUSCRÍBETE ► DESTACADOS DE LA PREMIER LEAGUE ► Gary Neville da su opinión sobre la actuación del Chelsea contra el Arsenal en la Premier League, y cómo se puede mejorar la configuración del club para cambiar las actuaciones en el campo para que puedan competir por la medalla de plata la próxima temporada. Vea el episodio completo de The Gary Neville Podcast aquí: Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXEO: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY SPORTS F1: ►SKY SPORTS: ►SKY SPORTS GOLF:

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23 respuestas a "¡Fue un desastre, fue patético!" | Gary Neville en "desagradable" actuación del chelsea

  1. Maybe its not frank lampard fault but the players

  2. oLogical YT dijo:

    It’s funny hearing Gary talking about team performances when he’s the worst manager to ever manage a team.

  3. All this English guys know is talk this one was given a job and he can’t even draw a match just talking and not saying anything about there brother Frank who knows nothing about football

  4. arpit baid dijo:

    Frank lampard is still a better manager than gary neville

  5. Why are people hating on me? My record is 100% consistent since returning to Chelsea.

  6. DengkuolTv dijo:

    I think Lampard's management is very poor and no one is mentioning it at all… Lampard has no tactics

  7. Frank atleast got the formation right…now needs to PLAY players in their best formation. I expect mudryk and madueke PLAY versus Bournemouth!! Enzo and kante double pivot and Havertz as nr.10 in a 4-2-3-1…. Its what we have players for!!

  8. Dio Mc dijo:

    Lampard, just stated in his latest press conference, that certain people in the media are turning against him, but he's going to put the record straight. Lampard said that he's better than other mangers in the premier league, he said I am better than BIG SAM! Cooper, Moyes, & O! Fergie, and he also said people are saying he is a real bad coach? Lampard said he never ever told anyone in football that he was a coach anyway so how can people say I am a bad one. Then he said the quote of the day, by saying he should have never come back to Chelsea, because he was waiting on the LEEDS job coming up, so he could collect the million pound bonus,

  9. Gary "shambles" Neville.

  10. Josh foreman dijo:

    Just shows that having loads of money won’t guarantee you having a good team.

  11. And Man U losing to Brighton Gary said it all ha

  12. Is he talking about his managerial career at Valencia for the first 45 seconds

  13. Tony Simone dijo:

    This Chelsea side might be the biggest flop in Prem history. Ridiculous amounts of money spent on players and contracts, only to ens up in the lower mid-table (or even worse). There's chaos at this club.

  14. Anton King dijo:

    Gary ‘it’s all the owners fault’ Neville… 🙄

  15. Everyone's right it was to early to return for Lampard especially with current affairs but how can he say no?

  16. Ian Clark dijo:

    Soon enough real football won't be worth the time. At that point Boelhy's ideas will be all you have.

  17. K B dijo:

    Selling medical staff is a terrible love. Players worked with them and trusted them and now some celebrity physio they don’t know comes in who they have no relationship with. Terrible

  18. RobTurnerxG dijo:

    He’s not playing football manager…no one would make that many mistakes

  19. Tony Miller dijo:

    Nah Did Bohly really sack the groundsmen? Smh

  20. Samy dijo:

    Are you ok Gary, do you need a lie down and a cold shower 💙

  21. Kachra Seth dijo:

    Gary sees a bit of himself in Frank .

  22. Hyde Hill dijo:

    "playing football manager". No half decent FM player would make this mess.

  23. nYx dijo:

    I would have to agree with Gary in terms of Chelsea is good on paper.

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