Cómo usar el comodín en Fantasy Premier League

En caso de que seas nuevo en Fantasy Premier League y no estés seguro de cómo usar el comodín. Espero que esto ayude 🙌 (No usaré el mío hasta más adelante en la temporada…) Mi twitter:

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11 respuestas a Cómo usar el comodín en Fantasy Premier League

  1. once you play your wildcard do those players remain in your squad the following week? or disappear much like free hit chip? #pogbaissues

  2. SC dijo:

    for whole week or just for one-off transfer?

  3. Babs Ayodele dijo:

    Does it mean i have to match my transfer budget before it can be activated?

  4. DnTn dijo:

    What website is he using to do this. The layout on the app is different I click free hit. And it it doesnt do anyting

  5. simiq dijo:

    hey mate hope you can help basically i have made lots of transfers this week 9 – 64 points ) because i did not know it costs point to change players! is there anyway i can use a wildcard now to make these – 64 points go back to 0 ?

  6. aaaaaaaaaa dijo:

    I'm trying to get lukaku and I have 12.5mil left and when I search him up he dosent come up, please tell me how to get

  7. Brocc dijo:

    When I use my WC I lose the profit that I made from the player or I keep it?

  8. Red Jack dijo:

    I would recommend you save the wild card ad least the winter transfer window closes, I will use mine for the double Game weeks around GW30

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