Clasificación de Haaland contra los MEJORES delanteros de la Premier League… 🌟 | Sábado Social con James Allcott

SUSCRÍBETE ► PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS ► James Allcott y Nubaid Haroon se unen a Smithy y Joe esta semana en Saturday Social. Después de romper el récord de goles de la Premier League en la semana, hacemos que nuestros invitados comparen a Erling Haaland con los mejores delanteros de la Premier League… ¿dónde se ubicará? #SaturdaySocial #SkySports #ManCity #Haaland Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SKY SPORTS BOXEO: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY SPORTS F1: ►SKY DEPORTES:

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20 respuestas a Clasificación de Haaland contra los MEJORES delanteros de la Premier League… 🌟 | Sábado Social con James Allcott

  1. What is this childish immature garbage

  2. Damian Clark dijo:

    So many clueless people. Then again Sky need something to fill the time slots

  3. Coolness dijo:

    I keep on getting klopps beer add, it’s very annoying

  4. Jack Endean dijo:

    The Andy Cole disrespect is embarrassing

  5. neXib dijo:

    There's many ways to rate this. As a United fan that loved Nistelrooy above all, even I have to admit that the greatest forward in PL history so far is Henry. The way Rashford plays now reminds me a bit of Henry, if he evolves it would be really interesting. For me Shearer and Kane are just boring forwards, not the kind I want in my teams. If you rate it from sitting in the stand and looking at what player that blows you the most away I'd have Torres on the list too. He made one of my worst Old Trafford visits.

  6. Mashud Ahmed dijo:

    To watch all these players u have to be over 40 yrs old.which none of u are.fake knowledge by all of u

  7. You can say Statistics and then proceed to make comparisons based on anything else.

  8. Andrew Page dijo:

    Cole below Fowler is shocking.

  9. Everyone knows that Thierry Henry is more than just a striker. He doesn't need a Kevin DeBruyne to create his chances.

  10. Kane is an easy C, it’s not even up for debate.

  11. The Nak3dG0D dijo:

    No Suarez 31 goals in 33 games with No penalties 😂

  12. Henry is still my favorite because overall he was the best ❤❤ remember Alan shearer played his entire career in EPL..

  13. Mr facts dijo:

    Just an overrated league

  14. Rajang dijo:

    These man don’t know ball.

  15. Aguero has to be the most disrespected player in the Prem, even when he won the golden boot he wasn’t in the team of the season…
    Agueros won titles with his goals, he’s got the most epic goal in Prem history… Kane plays with 0 pressure if he doesn’t perform it’s “spurs is a bad team”…how can you win so many league titles and still be behind an English striker who has no idea what it takes to perform under the greatest pressure… even Vardy knows how to do it under pressure

  16. Aman Devkota dijo:

    i thought james was knowledgeable before watching this vid lmfao

  17. J haych dijo:

    Remember Andy cole didn't take penalties

  18. Smith89123 dijo:

    Aguero is top 4 at least. Putting him at C is disgusting.

  19. Sean Taylor dijo:

    The fact these guys are been paid to have some of these opinions is disgraceful. Even as a Liverpool supporter having Cole in 'E' is flat out insanity.

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