1 jugador ¡CADA club de la Premier League DEBE FIRMAR! ✍️ | Saturday Social con James Allcott y Nubaid Haroon

SUSCRÍBETE ► DESTACADOS DE LA LIGA PREMIER ► Smithy y Joe se unen a James Allcott y Nubaid Haroon esta semana en Saturday Social. Con la especulación de transferencias de este verano ya en marcha, hacemos que nuestros invitados elijan un jugador que cada club de la Premier League debe firmar este verano. #SaturdaySocial #SkySports #PremierLeague Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY SPORTS F1: ►DEPORTES DE CIELO:

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47 respuestas a 1 jugador ¡CADA club de la Premier League DEBE FIRMAR! ✍️ | Saturday Social con James Allcott y Nubaid Haroon

  1. TwoFootball dijo:

    Dimarco might be the most underrated left back on the planet rn (he is phenomenal), but City don‘t really need a left back and Dimarco being an Inter-Fan will not leave them this summer.

  2. Daily Focus dijo:

    Nobody mentioned Ibrahim Sangaré from PSV! Who is for take for only 30 million pounds this summer because of his contract terms. This could be a great bargain signing for most teams in the right table 😉

  3. Liverpool should sign Joskol Gvadiol and play 3 5 2 formations and let TAA freedom in wing position..

  4. I love him and his style of play, he plays at one of the most responsible positions in todays football which I hugely respect, he has been a captain for a while – but 120 mil for Declan Ryce is crazy amount and definetly not worth imo 🙂

  5. United have bought about 5 old strikers in a row who they've just "let go" in terms of resale value. Its unrealistic and hasn't been working. We need a young player to build with, Kane gives you a season of joy and many more of struggle.

  6. Aman Stha dijo:

    Joel Piero for Southampton

  7. dan skyba dijo:

    I honestly have to question whether some of these “pundits” actually research or even read the publications they work for! It’s well documented that villa will be going for another striker, as great as Watkins has been Emery isn’t going to let his desire to be the main man hinder our chances and requirements for squad depth!

  8. Ginger lad has zero ball knowledge

  9. Allcott is very enjoyable.

  10. Ali Talbot dijo:

    For Man City I don’t agree with either, they clearly need a midfielder with Bernardo and Gundogan potentially leaving

  11. Aliza Ali dijo:

    Tottenham definitely need a new goalkeeper

  12. Ganesh Gupta dijo:

    Good to see someone who actually wants to talk football on the show , bhuvey was unbearable last time no football talk just whinning up merchant.

  13. united needs another cb or full back who’s excellent w the ball at their feet, a lot of our issues stem from teams putting too much pressure on us and taking advantage of that. although i love Fred too, another great dm would help who can play the ball. and yes we need a number 9 too. ik it’s a lot to ask but it’s our genuine problems and shows united are quite far still from being like city.

  14. Mike Sanders dijo:

    As a Villa fan, there does seem to be an inevitability that Tammy will make a return. – For as much improved as Ollie Watkins has been under Emery, he does still miss a LOT of shots better strikers would score.

    Yes, we have Duran, a very exciting future prospect, but he's not really any kind of viable cover.

  15. The Blues dijo:

    Nubiad thinks Everton should sign Akpom for 30 million, a championship player who’s 28 years old and had 1 good season. He either despises Everton or should never have a football related opinion ever again

  16. Ben Shadlock dijo:

    nice to have two people that know what they're on about instead of "Thogden" whos only asset is he got given handout tickets at the world cups

  17. Aaron dijo:

    why cant you get james & nubaid on more instead of absolute sausages all the time

  18. Eesa Ahmed dijo:

    So how has no one picked a midfielder for city when gundo and Bernardo are both leaving this summer?

  19. That was some good information

  20. liamarnold94 dijo:

    That doozey bloke to WHU would be terrible. James is right, bad egg. Moyes has been selective with his signings to avoid that and keep the team spirit high, we dont want egos in the squad. McT would be perfect.

  21. Paul Mubika dijo:

    For us Man Utd we need Harry Kane instead of Osimhen.

  22. CFCJefferson dijo:

    just oozes ball knowledge these two.

  23. Dimarco 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Leicester city needs a goalie ASAP. Not replacing Kasper schmiechle was a big mistake.

  25. Danish Mehra dijo:

    Lol Rodrygo is a funny shout

  26. Shane Fagan dijo:

    For Newcastle I'd be getting Marcus Thuram or Zaha on a free

  27. ElosWrld dijo:

    Last time you guys did this Chelsea signed the entire thumbnail

  28. This isn’t bad, but when they get to city they just become lazy an d throw random names , dimarco really? Rodrygo would be nice but i high doubt that happens

  29. Lavia would be a great signing for the toon

  30. Jeff Beasley dijo:

    James spreading his wings and flying all around YouTube is lovely to see. Still, nothing beats a cheeky nosh and a bit of Jaffn at half mast…. bosh

  31. Adam Sandler dijo:

    arsenal need depth, a rw and an attacking mid are at the top of the list for me. saka and odegaard need more rest especially for europe

  32. A0213s dijo:

    Rodrygo to Man City is exciting!

  33. Spurs should sign Raya Martin or Messiler

  34. Imraan Davod dijo:

    Time for Chelsea to sign half of them😈

  35. As a West Ham fan that’s a really tough decision 😮

  36. TwistedSouL dijo:

    Arsenal don’t need ‘incredible potential’ if they want to compete with City or for their UCL campaign next season.

    They need to take it up to the next level and sign real quality players.

  37. Harry Ward dijo:

    This is easily the best panel you could get – James and Nubaid actually know ball – no bias and bring facts

  38. TheKITAVI dijo:

    Arsenal needs more depth at the back, defensive midfield and strong forwards

  39. Adam T dijo:

    Surprised Toney isn't a shout for any team in here. Think he'd be the ideal Kane replacement or would be a good fit for Chelsea.

  40. rhys burns dijo:

    Sanchez has fallen out of favour at Brighton spurs or Chelsea should go in for him

  41. NIF3 86 dijo:

    Neymar to Newcastle
    A no Brainer
    He's one of the best to play the game why the Neymar disrespect?

  42. lil fish dijo:

    Arsenal – Declan Rice
    Aston Villa – Guendouzi
    Bournemouth – Nicolas Jackson
    Brentford – Benrahma
    Brighton – Amadou Haidara
    Chelsea – Lavia
    Crystal Palace – Ismaila Sarr
    Everton – Moussa Dembele
    Fulham – Joaquin Correa
    Leicester City – Yacine Bonou
    Leeds United – De Keteleare
    Liverpool – Mac Allister
    Manchester City – Gvardiol
    Manchester United – Osimhen
    Newcastle United – Moussa Diaby
    Nottingham Forest – Jeremy Doku
    Southampton – Boulaye Dia
    Tottenham Hotspur – Andre Onana
    West Ham – Khéphren Thuram
    Wolves – En-Nesyri

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