"¡Aprendí algunas cosas que no quería saber!" | Klopp explica los desafíos que ha enfrentado esta temporada🔍

SUSCRÍBETE ► PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS ► Jurgen Klopp habla sobre el ‘fracaso’ de la temporada del Liverpool, lo que ha aprendido de sus jugadores y el estado de forma del Chelsea. Vea Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►SITIO WEB: MÁS DE SKY SPORTS EN YOUTUBE: ►SKY SPORTS PREMIER LEAGUE: ►SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL: ►SKY SPORTS BOXING: ►SKY SPORTS CRICKET: ►SOCCER AM: ►SKY DEPORTES F1: ►SKY DEPORTES: ►SKY DEPORTES GOLF:

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36 respuestas a "¡Aprendí algunas cosas que no quería saber!" | Klopp explica los desafíos que ha enfrentado esta temporada🔍

  1. spicytango dijo:

    There's no doubt being a PL manager has some amount of stress.Having a 💩 season with fans like myself angry at no investment in midfield over the couple years makes me very angry at Klopp and FSG.But as a human being,I'm delight for (going to be first time Gran-Pa) he should take a longer break than usual to relax and come back even stronger!

  2. cnbs dijo:

    I’m in love with him
    And I feel fine!

  3. NISSAR PA dijo:

    In KLOPP we trust 👍🏻.

  4. E J dijo:

    Best manager in the world. No one can do what he has done with the amount of budget he had with

  5. Just imagine if he had peps money…it would be a dynasty but he's done plenty without oil money

  6. Who is she? Asking for a friend.

  7. The best time to show your leadership quotient is when the road is rough. My love and respect for Klopp is at a higher level this season. He is a leader, with him, Liverpool will be back. Go Klopp

  8. A very interesting interview. He said about same player, same number etc he talking about inconsistent players and not showing full potential! He said about finding out things this season that he didn't want to know 😮 I wonder what he is talking about when he said that! I think he is disappointed in not just ONE! but afew players this season and that why he says we start a new story ❤

  9. book read dijo:

    When lfc reinforce that midfield in the summer they are going to be serious contenders again

  10. Bhta Xixaxa dijo:

    protect the man at all costs.

  11. It’s not about bringing the famous players but the right players.

  12. Darren Rahn dijo:

    Grandpa Klopp…awesome😎

  13. Rob2021 dijo:

    By far as a liverpool fan after last season this season is my most stressful and depressing season ever

  14. Red Red dijo:

    We need this to be a learning and transition season. It's been woeful, yes. But it has finally created some reality checks – ie midfield and defence replacements needed asap. I trust Klopp to fix it and we will be back stronger next season!

  15. Klopp at Liverpool always!

  16. liversalah dijo:

    He is not world class manager pep man city manager and carlo is world class manager.Klopp is good manager.Problem is klopp is yes man.Klopp and owner think liverpool is small club.Liverpool are going to sign cheap,free and average playersWe are going finish 6 or 8 in primier leagye and out of all competation in january.Klopp will says end of next season is massive improve last season.Even if we do not get champion league for three season he still give excuses to defend owner not spend own money.

  17. James dijo:

    The fans will never forgive the owners if they force Klopp out.

  18. I love this man, I became a Liverpool fan in 2008 I don’t know why😂 I thought the good days were behind us, but he managed to bring us so much joy

  19. Grandpa Jurgen! I'm sure we can put that in a song! 🥰

  20. Wesley Wade dijo:

    Grandpa Klopp 😅🎉

  21. Jonny dijo:

    Love this interviewer, so good!

  22. the tactics under grand pops klopp will hit different

  23. Grumpy Grey dijo:

    Hard not to love this man. Can't understand the hate he gets. Sure, he's a rival manager, but the vitriolic and bile-laden xenophobic trolling he gets from certain clubs, is just unnecessary. If he leaves I'm pretty sure Liverpool will have managers queuing up for that job. I'll bet even Pep would love a crack. De Zerbi would be interesting.

  24. How can you not love this man. He speaks with pride and promise, but has a very sense of realism too. Der normal Mann.

  25. Ross dijo:

    Why’s she keep asking him if we’re signing just a couple players?

    She should know we’re losing up to 4 midfielders alone this summer, so it’s obviously going to be more.

  26. Juan Perret dijo:

    Klopp is so likeable when he's like this. Sometimes he's a little hostile but that's cuz he's emotional

  27. Tom Kenin dijo:

    Good rest boss in summer,

  28. Raaj dijo:

    Once he has gone..(.l can't see him being like Alex Ferguson) the only ones that could replace him are one of Ancelotti or Zidane ..can't see anyone else fit for the job…and certainly not Gerrard yet…it would be too soon for him

  29. Summer sacking officials confirmation too. Removed oligarchs too. & OVERHAUL BEGINS. Via defense midfield & GK AGAIN . EXTRA STRIKER TOO

  30. Tom Kenin dijo:

    Sir klopp will retire at Liverpool, 😍😍got few good years coming in , he wants it

  31. Go spurs today's . & GO SONS TOO. THANK YOU!

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