¡NOTORIO EN NOTTINGHAM! Destacados de la noche 7 | Liga Premier Cazoo 2023

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29 respuestas a ¡NOTORIO EN NOTTINGHAM! Destacados de la noche 7 | Liga Premier Cazoo 2023

  1. pa dijo:

    Wow so wow!!! ❤ M.V.G

  2. deter miner dijo:

    Dobey & Van der Bergh's trophies are on the way .. upcoming darters.congrats iceman

  3. Peter Wright using these darts that clearly don't work for him is an obvious sign that he now has completely given up on the PL and just using the PL matches as practice

  4. Tschulian dijo:

    MvG seemed to be confident on the BULL and 25, this night. All great efforts for 90 at 22:18 and 23:23 but gotta get that tops at the end.

  5. FINALLY no female commentator. That deserves a big like. Keep it up!

  6. Well done Chris for upsetting the odds in whitewashing mvg

  7. Parker派克 dijo:

    Congrats to Price 🎉🎉

  8. Was an amazing night every darter was in form so was fun to watch

  9. 6:0 against MVG is so unusual to watch

  10. Brian Marisa dijo:

    I am offícially a Chris Dobey fan

  11. TheCatsArse dijo:

    Van Gerwen was away sharpish!

  12. What Happened,to Dobey😂😂


  14. I was just thinking how easy it would be to fix darts games through subtle wins and losses. What were the odds?

  15. Love to see gezzy win the nights and get points , he hasn’t been himself in the majors lately so hopefully the premier league will be in his grasp this year , I’d like to see him win the match play aswell .. someone of his standard should be winning atleast 1 major a year but I was buzzing for Dobey again especially his whitewash of mvg

  16. Trashmonzter dijo:

    Congrats Mr.Hollywood! Out of space performance.🛸💪

  17. nathan jerks his head too much

  18. R v.V dijo:

    Proves to me Dobey just deserves to play the PL this year. More so than Peter Wright, its just sooooo boring to see this old grumpy man play. Pffff

  19. John Part , you need to work on your English accent 🤡

  20. Dobey looked unbeatable on the way through, Gez was struggling and scraped in. Then Dobey looked meh in the final, but Gez was slightly less meh…..

  21. Why in every single premier league it goes absolutely awful for one of the random top players?.. 🤔

  22. jim bean dijo:

    It's just not the same without Gary Anderson 🤷

  23. Pl is so stale this year….they need 12 plyr pool A pool B. Round Robin 2 top from each pool advance to SF then a final. 6 matches a night and less talent gets snubbed…..

  24. Violet dijo:

    mighty gerwyn price is PRICELESS !!!

  25. Nano dijo:

    Well done Dobey for holding his nerve! Unlucky not to win the title tho….

  26. faltopfake dijo:

    What a performance by Dobey!

  27. How many adverts can YouTube fit into one video?! It's becoming an absolute pisstake! Pretty soon we won't have videos, just adverts.

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