Ranking All PREMIER LEAGUE 2022/23 Home Kits

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Ranking All PREMIER LEAGUE 2022/23 Home Kits
Ranking All PREMIER LEAGUE 2022/23 Home Kits
Ranking All PREMIER LEAGUE 2022/23 Home Kits

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31 respuestas a Ranking All PREMIER LEAGUE 2022/23 Home Kits

  1. Jorg dijo:

    Got ripped off, our kit is a solid A but ofc in true Fulham fashion we did everything at a snails pace

  2. Sara Ahmad dijo:

    Nottingham forest kit is elite

  3. Where's the Burnley kit?

  4. _PeppaPog dijo:

    When I first saw the Bournemouth I didn't like it that much but now I fully agree on it being an A tier kit.

  5. gj10 dijo:

    Spot on with the top 4 kits ?

  6. I think the West Ham kit is meant to look good in game, looks much better when you actually see the players in action wearing it!

  7. J H dijo:

    Liverpool is plain and simple. But Chelsea is just bad. Everton is better than Chelsea.

  8. The southampton 22/23 kit looks like the Ajax kit and the 21/22 kit looks like the PSV kit, maybe the 23/24 kit looks like the Feyenoord kit?

  9. Tom Creasey dijo:

    I hate that City shirt. I'm also not keen on the new Arsenal shirt but I love that West Ham shirt

  10. BBXR 107 dijo:

    Almost every kit is B for me lol

  11. ManUtdOle dijo:

    Excited about burnleys first game tomorrow? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think Southampton's kit is not that bad, I'm a big fan of center crests but the sponsor is indeed terrible

  13. The West Ham kit should be an S tier kit

  14. ASC Proxima dijo:

    Congrats mate have a nice wedding

  15. Hmm? dijo:

    Southampton's home kit looks like an away kit?

  16. West ham went from an A kit last year to an F!!

    As a west ham fan im so disapointed, why didnt we stick to the collar , that made the kit look so smart yet this one looks like something youll buy in a chinese market for £5

  17. Thogden made Southampton kit

  18. Pepe Jr dijo:

    Did you forget Burnley??

  19. BLUE MOON dijo:

    That Southampton kit is one of the best out their. Unique and creative. Love it

  20. Am I the only one who thinks the Man U kit is really bad

  21. J dijo:

    The villa one has really grown on me and I like it, its our first year with castore so I feel like they always go quite safe

  22. Jack Groves dijo:

    You absolute fool. That's the fake forest kit ???

  23. Vizeh hates Southampton basically

  24. 50P_ReApEr dijo:

    tf west ham should be s ffs

  25. ARYAN SHARMA dijo:

    The Southampton kit is the same as thogden’s created version

  26. Juiceyy 8 dijo:

    Brightons kit is like marmite you either love it or you hate it

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